Nourish your roots at Family Tree Yoga and Wellness, where we are all one big happy family! Designed to be an innovative community-based, family centered yoga and wellness studio, our mission is to offer something for everyone. Located in Nesconset, NY, where a strong sense of community already thrives, our primary focus is to offer a variety of yoga classes that cater to individuals through involvement of the whole family. 


                                              NOURISH YOUR ROOTS


​Become a part of our family~ try a class at Family Tree Yoga, where everyone is welcome.

Yoga helps clear your mind of worldly struggles, de-stress and find your own happiness. Through regular practice, adults and children alike become stronger, gain a sense of calmness, and face life’s challenges with a renewed spirit. Yoga helps restore balance to the body, mind and spirit through conscious living, and helps us be the best we can be.