SaDHANA (90 mins)

Start your day tuning your central nervous system with yoga, prayer & meditation. This conscious spiritual practice will help you to connect with your highest self and achieve your life's purpose. This is a donation class.

vinyasa yoga (75 mins)

Often called "flow" yoga the focus of Vinyasa yoga is on alignment of movement in which the breath, mind and body are consciously connected. Yoga sequences are practiced step by step, each breath and movement leading into the next. Moving from one posture to the next, poses gradually become more elaborate as they challenge your mind to focus on maintaining a comfortable breathing pattern.

 VINYASA (moderate)

If you have taken at least 10 beginner classes and are ready for more of a challenge, try intermediate level Vinyasa classes.

 VINYASA (challenging)

The most advanced of our room temperature yoga, this class will include challenging core work, arm balancing postures and inversions. Participants should have a strong practice.

KulA Classes

Kundalini YOGA (75 mins)

Kundalini is the yoga of Self-mastery. It helps you drop your self-limiting beliefs so you can fulfill your destiny, find your purpose and understand what you are here to do. The classes are designed to detoxify, cleanse and strengthen on a physical level; they work equally as powerfully on a mental and spiritual level to de-stress, provide clarity, embrace one's personal and individual challenges and let go of unecessary clutter.

HOT 60 (60 mins)

Hot yoga is a therapeutic sequence of Hatha yoga postures practiced in a heated room. It is considered a stationary sequence which means that you come back to a stationary stance between postures. It is ideal for beginner and advanced students as the focus is on building a solid foundation and understanding proper body alignment. The benefits are similar to those of Barkan and Bikram.

We have two rooms for heated and room-temperature class experiences.
Our KARMA room offers Bikram, Barkan, 60-Minute Hot and Warm Vinyasa classes.
Our KULA room offers Beginner, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Kripalu, Healing, Prenatal and Meditation classes.

YIN yoga (60-75 mins)

Yin is a slower paced practice using longer holding times in postures to allow for a deeper stretch which can release blocked energy and improve circulation. Working with the same meridians (energy pathways) as acupuncture, Yin nourishes the natural range of motion of the joints, and affects the organs in the process. Restoring this energy within us has a direct impact on our psychological states, encouraging ease of being and promoting the foundation for authentic meditation to occur.

KRIPALU yoga (60-75 mins)

A yoga of consciousness and self-discovery, you will enter the physical postures, not to perfect them, but to allow the postures reveal who you are. This is a moderate intensity, all levels class that will guide you to listen to the wisdom of your body, while focusing your mind on the posture, the sensations of it as well as the emotions and thoughts that arise. Alternating between the Kripalu sun and moon flow series,you will learn to cultivate non-judgmental awareness, letting life flow without resistance.


Youth groups such as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts will learn about respect, fitness, positive body image, cooperation and stress management through our classes. Classes are offered for every age level and include music, movement, relaxation and group activities. Classes can be designed to compliment any theme or as an introduction to yoga.

KARMA Classes

beginner yoga (45-60 mins)

If you have little or no yoga, experience this class is the first class to experiencing a healthier, happier you. This class will teach you how to get into

and out of basic yoga poses. You will see the poses demonstrated and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Classes will include some

Vinyasa flows combined with stationary poses.

HOT/Warm vinyasa (Hv/WV) (60-75 mins)

Vinyasa yoga in which movement is synchronized to the breath is sometimes called flow yoga because of the smooth way the poses run together. Each pose is held for a few moments making Vinyasa a great cardio workout. The challenge of pace and pose, with rapid results in weight-loss and toning continue to make Vinyasa a firm favorite.

Barkan (BK) (60 mins)

The Barkan Method is a style of Hatha yoga practiced in a heated room which brings vital balance and restores systems to optimal health. Consistent practitioners will experience improvements in health as well as increased strength, and reduction of stress, anxiety and depression.

Class Descriptions

HOT Fusion (HF) (60 mins)

 This is a hybrid class designed for HOT 60 fans who want the option to go into a more advanced posture within the established sequence or stay in the posture you know and love. This is a class where yoga is for everyone because the choice is yours.

healing yoga (60-75 mins)

This gentle yoga will leave you feeling great! With careful attention, and gentle movement and stretching, you will help to heal your aches and pains as you are guided to listen to your body's messages and honor your inner wisdom. This yoga is perfect for all ages, fitness levels and and body types.